Commercial Courts Established in Balochistan for Expeditious Disposal of Commercial Cases 
Reform ID  B093 
Reform Description  Before: Businesses suffer as commercial Cases were taking much time for resolving a business dispute, because of a huge litigation burden, causing delay and resulting in loss of confidence by businesses on the system. 

After:  Now, legislative changes enabling establishment of Commercial Courts have been made to fast track dispute resolution 

Sector  All Sectors 
Beneficiaries  Businesses involved in litigation 
Jurisdiction/ Location  Balochistan 
Department  Law department and provincial judiciary of Balochistan 
Date of Implementation  24-09-2021 
Timeline  Last 03 Months 
Details  Difficulty  Commercial disputes were filed in courts where considerable time was consumed for resolving a commercial dispute, because of a greater number of cases (related to all other categories as well). Resultantly, businesses were losing confidence to operate in Pakistan. 
Analysis  There was dire need to introduce dedicated Commercial Courts to have quick disposal of commercial cases. The reform will help in speedy disposal of commercial cases. 
Solution  Accordingly, the Government of Balochistan has approved “The Balochistan Commercial Courts Bill, 2021” to establish separate courts/benches for Commercial Case hearings. 
Evidence  Commercial Courts Balochistan  

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