Reduction in Time for Obtaining Certification Marks License

Reform ID F007
Reform Description Time for Getting Licensee from PSQCA Reduced Substantially

Before: PSQCA regulations allowed Max time period of 45 days to issue CM License Certificate which was a lengthy process

After: The maximum time period allowed for issuance of CM license has been reduced to maximum of 28 days

Sector Manufacturing (Food Products, Light Engineering, Automotive, Chemical Products etc.)
Beneficiaries 2500 Certification Mark License Holder Businesses
Jurisdiction/Location Federal (Entire Pakistan)
Department Pakistan Standard & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA)
Date of Implementation 19-04-2021
Timeline Last 06 Months












●      Manufacturers have to obtain the Certification Mark License from PSQCA and the certification process used to take 45 days. The PSQCA certification process involved multiple inspections and sample testing from the labs.


●      Through consultations with stakeholders involved, it was highlighted that the time for obtaining Certification Marks License is on the higher side and the process needs reengineering.


●      After detailed deliberation and consultation with the stakeholders PSQCA has revisited the certification process and the timelines have been revised to just 28 days instead of 45 days which are the lowest in the region.

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