Eliminate Requirement of Hiring of a Pharmacist in a manufacturing unit of Medical Devices 

Reform ID   F104
Ticker  Requirement to hire pharmacist for manufacturing medical devices eliminated 
Reform Description  Before: Medical devices manufacturing units were required to hire the services of a pharmacist.  

After: Now, requirement for hiring the services of pharmacist is no more required. Factories manufacturing medical devices now can start manufacturing without any such burden.  

Sector  Healthcare 
Beneficiaries  All Businesses in Healthcare Industry  
Jurisdiction/ Location  Federal (Entire Pakistan) 
Department  Ministry of National Health Services Regulation and Coordination (MoNHSR&C) / Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) 
Date of Implementation  22-11-2021 
Details  Difficulty  Earlier it was required that factories manufacturing medical devices must hire the services of pharmacist before commencing manufacturing process.  
Analysis  This requirement meant that businesses have to hire a pharmacist which was an additional burden in the presence of quality standards to which conformity is mandatory and was unwarranted as the unit was producing medical devices not drugs.  
Solution  After due deliberation and consultations with multiple stakeholders including Healthcare Devices Association of Pakistan (HDAP) the requirement to hire pharmacist has been done away with. 
Evidence  https://business.gov.pk/eliminate-requirement-of-hiring-of-a-pharmacist-in-a-manufacturing-unit-of-medical-devices/

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