Guidance to support agencies develop and implement regulatory proposals within the framework of the Better Regulation Program under Pakistan Regulatory Modernization Initiative (PRMI).

Well-designed and efficiently administered regulation can play a critical role in delivering improved social and economic outcomes, including lower costs for consumers, safer and healthier communities, and higher living standards.

The Better Regulation Program guides the development, design and implementation of regulatory proposals in the public sector. Regulatory proposals involve new regulatory instruments or amendments to existing regulatory instruments. This includes legislation and regulation, and quasi-regulations.

The Federal Government has approval Regulatory Principles and Code of Practice to be followed by all Ministries / Divisions / Regulators performing any regulatory functions for businesses. All Ministries / Divisions / Regulators to follow the Regulatory Principles and Code of Practice while formulating new regulations.

For existing regulations, time period of six (06) months have been given by Federal Government for self-assessment to eliminate redundant and needless regulations and also simplify / modernize the cumbersome procedures. After the initial period of six (06) months, regulatory assessment / audit based on principle-based framework will be conducted by BOI through independent third parties and outcomes / recommendations will be placed before Federal Cabinet for consideration. The whole process will be carried out under supervision of Pakistan Regulatory Modernization Initiative (PRMI) Steering Committee with executive oversight by Prime Minister’s Office.

Better Regulatory Units have been established in following entities so far:

Sr. # Ministry / Organisation Sr. # Nominations Contact Nos.  Email 
1 Chairman Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA), Landhi Industrial Area Extension, Mehran Highway, Karachi 1 Engr. Nasir Hidayat Khan Secretary EPZA 021-99208010 0322-2008744
2 Director General Pakistan Halal Authority Ministry of Science and Technology Ground Floor, 1 Constitution Ave, G-5/2, Islamabad 2 Mr. Asad Ullah Khan Suri Asstt. Director (Tech/HS) 0345-1109162
3 Ms. Sanya Mahmood Field Inspector 0316-5555018
3 Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad. 4 Muhammad Naeem Tariq Section Officer (Import-III) 051-9205737 0301-5010405 .
4 Chief Executive Officer, Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) Telecom Foundation Complex, Muhammad Tufail Niazi Rd, G-9/4, Islamabad, 5 Mr. Manzoor Ali, Dirctor H&OTC  0300-3156839
6 Mr. Shoaib Ali Khan Assistant Director (Legal) 0345-5334229
5 Managing Director, Private Power and Infrastructure Board, Islamabad 7 Mr. Faisal Riaz Director General (Corporate Affairs) 9264010 0333-5689681
8 Mr. Moizuddin, Joint Director (Financ & Policy) 051-9264013 0301-8250851
6 Secretary, Worker Welfare Fund Street 39, G-10/4 Islamabad 9 Mr. Amir Rehman Director(Admn) 0314-5845689
10 Mrs. Ambreen Tariq Dy. Director (GB/Coord) 0331-5573632
7 Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), FBR House, Islamabad. 11 Ms. Ansir Anise Additional Director PSW FBR  0321-4097410
12 Mr. Salman Afzal Domain Officer, PSW  0300-2715781
8 Secretary, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Islamabad. 13 Mr. Alamgir Ahmad Khan Sr. Joint Secretary(Bs-21) 051-9205062
9 Member (IR), FBR House, Islamabad 14 Ms. Naila Ashraf Khan Secretary (ST-Operation) 051- 9219613 0332-1984198
10 Secretary Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development Islamabad. 15 Mr. Tanveer Khaliq Chief (PPU) BPS-20 051-9212508 0300-9791243
11 CEO, Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), Islamabad 16 Mr. Muhammad Asghar Director (Legal) 0333-4564936
17 Mr.Muhammad Ahsan Ali Assistant Director(Policy) 0335-0661999
12 Secretary, Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination 3rd Floor Kohsar Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad, 18 Mr. Manzoor Ali, Dirctor H&OTC  0300-3156839
19 Mr. Shoaib Ali Khan Assistant Director (Legal) 0345-5334229
13 Chief Executive Officer  Pakistan Stock Exchange I I Chundrigar, Stock Exchange Rd, Seari Quarters, Karachi. 20 Dr. Fakhara Rizwan, Company Secretary / Chief Legal & Corporate Affairs Officer; 0300-6324210
21 Mr. Hassan Raza, Chief Product Officer, Product Management & Research; 051 2894848 Extn. 4671 0334 5404262
22 Mr. Ajeet Kumar, Chief Regulatory Officer;
14 Chairman, Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority (NAPHDA) 7th Floor, Kohsar block, Islamabad.  23 Ms. Mona Baqir DED (Legal) 0323-5562008
24 Dr. Amin Khan DED (Project) 0300-5218795s
15  Director General (ACDIS) Arms Control and Disarmament Division Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad 25 Lt. Col. Naveed Alam Director (ACDIS-C/CWC-NA) 0300-5140279
16 Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan NIC Building, 63 Jinnah Ave, Block L F 7/4 Blue Area, Islamabad. 26 Mr. Faisal Lateef Khawaja Joint Registrar 0333-4283517
27 Ms. Saba Iqtidar Assistant Director 0345-8553114
17 Director General Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO) NTC Center, G-5/2 Islamabad 28 Mr. Muhammad Ismail Director 051-9245-892 0332-5026984
29 Mr. Nasir Mehmood Zahid, Director 051-9245884 0344-0508007
18 Director General Special Communication Organization Qasim Rd, Rawalpindi, 30 Mr. Muhammad Awais Farooqui Director Regulatory Affairs 051-9274204 0314-5240516
31 Mr. Aamir Shahzad Manager Regulatory Affairs 051-9271536 0316-3332825
19 Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) Islamabad Stock Exchange Tower, 55-B Jinnah Ave, Block J F 7/1 Blue Area, Islamabad, 32 Mr. Shahzad Hussain Registrar 051-9100283
33 Mr. Noman Laiq Secretary 051-9100283
34 Mr. Muhammad Shamaoun Director Mergers & Acquisitions 051-9100283
20 Special Technology Zones Authority Cabinet Division, Government of Pakistan Address: Address: 16th Floor, State Life Building, Jinnah Avenue,  Blue Area,  Islamabad Phone: +92 51 8955007 Website: 35 Mr. Mansoor Khan Director One Window 0321-9150420
36 Mr. Hassan Yar Bareach Government & Regulatory Affairs Expert 0332-4494142
37 Mr. Waleed Bin Usman Manager Licensing  0331-5090612 
21 Geological Survey of Pakistan Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) 38 Dr. Sajjad Ahmad Director General  051-9255141, 081-9211032 0300-5878093
22 Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination  39 Mr. Adnan Manzoor, Section Officer  0300-5626753
40 Mr. Muhammad Umar Research Officer  0345-5382818
23 Pakistan Telecommunication Authority  41 Ms. Erum Latif Director (Regulations) 051-2878137
42 Ms. Rabeeya Parvez Director (Coordination) 051-9225223
24 Chief Executive Officer, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority 3rd Floor,  Aiwan-e-Iqbal Complex Egerton Road Lahore 43 Mr. Shaheen Tahir, Deputy General Manager (Focal Person / Lead PMRI) 0300-4240506
44 Mr. Muhammad Arif, Deputy General Manager (Legal Serivces) 0324-4987797
25 Secretary, Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication Islamabad 45 Mr. Jahanzeb Rahim, Director General Wireless, Telecom Wing 051-9210244 0314-5104171
46 Mr. Khurram Saleem, Director ICA - IT Wing 051-9215621 0302-8556348
26 Secretary Ministry of National Food Security & Research Government of Pakistan Islamabad  47 Dr. Adnan Masood Quarantine Officer (BPS 18) 0334-5037524
48 Dr. Sakhwat Ali Quarantine Officer (BPS 18) 0336-9072713
49 Dr. Zargham Nawaz Butt Veterinary Officer (BPS 17) 0321-5776291
27 Chairman, Pakistan Tobacco Board 46 B, Office Enclave, Phase 5 Hayatabad, Peshawar 50 Dr. Syed Muhammad Waqas Gillani Deputy Secretary (Admin) 091-9217416 0331-4438575
51 Dr. Hafiz Abdul Samad Tahir Deputy Director (Marketing) 0301-2800584
28 Chairperson, Employees Old Age Benefits' Institution (EOBI) EOBI House, 190/B/1, Block-2 PECHS Karachi 52 Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Officiating Deputy Director General B&C-III, Block 33-34, Mauve Area G 10/4, Islamabad  0333-5173435
53 Mrs. Attya Annad Jaffery Assistant Director B&C-III, Block 33-34, Mauve Area G 10/4, Islamabad  0333-5325322
29 Director General, Federal Water Management Cell, Adeel Plaza, 69 East،, AKM Fazl-ul-Haq Road, Block H G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad. 54 Mr. Sarfraz Ali Senior Agriculture Engineer (BS 19) 051-9245104 0300-30444578
55 Mr. Ali Raza Naqvi Irrigation Agronomist (BS 18) 051-9245105 0345-5132818
30 Secretary, Ministry of Energy (Power Division), Government of Pakistan, Islamabad 56 Mr. Mahfooz Ahmed Bhatti Joint Secretary Policy 051-9203087 0300-2188091
57 Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khabar Section Officer Policy  051-9203213 0334-5503031
Two Focal Persons from each organsiation under Power Division 
58 Mr. Muhammad Junaid, Manager (CM&RA) MIRAD Gujranwala Electric Power Company  0318-3990311
59 Mr. Muhammad Sohaib, A.M (Regulatory  Affairs) Gujranwala Electric Power Company                           0318-3991834
60 Ms. Sheeza Mariam Nawaz A.M (Operation) Gujranwala Electric Power Company  0318-3991722
61 Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Chief Finance Officer Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) 051-9252100 0319-5992059
62 Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Deputy Director Finance / MIRAD  Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) 051-9202227 0319-5991209
31 Chief Executive Officer, Islamabad Electric Supply Company, St No. 40, Sector G-7/4, Islamabad 63 Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Chief Finance Officer Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) 051-9252100 0319-5992059
64 Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Deputy Director Finance / MIRAD Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) 051-9202227 0319-5991209
32 Director General  Department of Plant Protection (DPP) Jinnah Avenue, Malir Halt, Karachi. 65 Mr. Muhammad Sohail Shahzad, Director Technical (Quarantine) & IPPC Official Contact Point of Pakistan Depatment of Plant Protection, Karachi  021-99248118 0301-8622299
66 Ms. Zaeema Khan, Deputy Director (Registration), Department of Plant Protection, Karachi   0333-9250881
33 Chairman Pakistan National Shipping Corporation PNSC Building, M.T. Khan Road Karachi. 67 Syed Jarar Haider Kazmi, Executive Director,  021-99204031 0345-2233275
34 Director General, Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency H-8/2 Islamabad. 68 Dr. Mohsina Zubair, Deputy Director (Lab / NEQS) 051-9250733
69 Mr. Aamir Abbas Khan Deputy Director (L/E),  051-9250718
35 Chairman Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) G-8 Mauve Area G 8/1 Islamabad. 70 Mr. Muhammad Tahir, Director General (Operations - Broadcast Media and Meda & PR)
71 Mr. Tariq Mehmood, Director General (Licensing - Broadcast Media / LRP /IPTV)
36 Secretary Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division), Government of Pakistan, Islamabad 72 Mr. Waqas Ahmad Barlas Deputy Secretary (Admin) 051-9210220 0300-8481085
37 Controller of Patents and Registrar of Designs, Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan, 3rd Floor, NTC-HQs Building, Attaturk Avenue (East),Sector G-5/2,  Islamabad 73 Same as IPO 
38 Registrar Central Copyright Office  Plot # ST 1 & 2, New Broad Casting House (Ground Floor) Behind KDA Civic Center Block -14. Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi 74 Same as IPO 
39 Registrar Trademark Office No. 50/10, 2nd Floor, Laraib Centre, Main Mangla Rd, near TCS Office, G-9 Markaz Islamabad, 75 Same as IPO 
40 Director General Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) PSQCA, Complex, Plot No. St-7/A, Block-3, Scheme No. 36, Gulistan-e-Juhar, Karachi. 76 Engr. Ali Bux Soomro, Director (Standards) PSQCA   0300-2255861 
77 Muhammad Yasin Akhtar Director (Conformity Assessment) PSQCA 0333-6511121
41 Chief Executive Officer Livestock & Dairy Development Board NARC Colony Islamabad. 78 Dr. Zahid Ul Quddus Bhutta, Technical Officer / Admin Officer  051-9255701-2 0333-5161012
42 Director General Pakistan Halal Authority Ministry of Science and Technology Ground Floor, 1 Constitution Ave, G-5/2 G-5, Islamabad 79 Mr. Asad Ullah Khan Suri Assistant Director (Tech/HS) 0345-1109162 
80 Ms. Sania Mehmood Field Inspector 0316-5555018
43 Dr.Sardar Mohazzam Managing Director, National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) Ministry of Science & Technology NEECA Building, Sector G-5/2, ISLAMABAD 81 Mr. Sabieh Haider Director Strategy Management Office 0333-4800547
82 Mr. Shaharyar Hussain Senior Assistant Director (Accounts & Finance) 0321-5018690
44 Chairman, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Islamabad 83 Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Baloch, Director General (Licensing) 051-9206527 0300-0664679
84 Mr. Noor Saleem Additional Director (Licensing)  051-2013200 0300-0664533
45 Accountant General of Pakistan Revenue AGPR Aiwan-e-Sanat-o-Tijarat Rd, G-8/4 Islamabad. 85 Syed Hasan Raza, Accounts Officer  051-92600372-80 0333-5153733
46 Secretary, Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources, Khyaban-E-Johar Road, Sector H-8/1, Islamabad 86 Mr. Nadeem Anjum, Director (Admin) 0300-5074015
87 Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Deputy Director (Admin) 0300-9769589
47 Secretary, Ministry of Energy (Power Division), Government of Pakistan, Islamabad 88 Mr. Saleem Sajid, Deputy Chief (Dev.) 0323-5509134
48 Chairman, Water and Power Development Authority, WAPDA House, Sharah-e-Quaid-e-Azam Lahore 89 Mr. Irfan Rizvi, General Manager (Power) 0321-9456614
49 Deputy Director Food Department, Plot No، 61-A Service Rd N, I-10/3 Industrial Area, Islamabad. 90 Mr. Sajid Hussain Abbasi, Superintendant  0312-5698793
91 Mr. M. Sharjeel Ashraf Assistant Food Controller  0337-79232735
50 Director General  Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department Kashmir Highway, adjacent to FDE, G-9/4 Islamabad. 92 Mr. Saeed Iqbal Deputy Director
93 Dr. Muhammad Naeem Deputy Director
51 Chairman Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, 54-B, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area Islamabad 94 Mr. Amir Nusrat, Executive Director (CNG) 0321-5172642
95 Ms. Raheela Mustafa, PLO / Incharge (Legal) 0301-8449016
52 Chairman Higher Education Commission H-9, Islamabad. 96 Mr. Hakim Ali Talpur, Director (A&A)  051-90400906 0333-5396460
97 Mr. Muhammad Aamir Shahzad Deputy Director (Coordination)
98 Mr. Wajid Ali Saleem Deputy Director (HRM)
99 Mr. Muhammd Ali Baig Deputy Director (Academics)
100 Mr. Zohaib Hassan, Assistant Director 
53 Chairman Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Mauve Area 86 Street 14, G-8/1 Islamabad. 101 Dr. Sohail Sabir, Principal Scientific Officer (RFD) 0317-6330334
102 Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Ahmad, Senior Scientific Officer (RSD) 0300-7519296
54 Chief Executive Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) 5th Floor, Block A, Finance & Trade Centre P.O. Box No. 1293, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi. 103 Mr. Kaleemullah Memon, Deputy Director TDAP 0332-2946576
104 Ms. Afshan Uroos, Deputy Manager TDAP 0331-2341838 
55 Commissioner, ICT Employees Social Security Institution, Plot No. 166, Street No. 09, China Road, I 10/3, Islamabad 105 Mr. Naveed Ahmed, Social Security Officer (BS 16) 0333-5271466
106 Mr. Naveed Ahmed, Social Security Officer (BS 16) 0308-63482023
56 Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), FBR House, Islamabad. 107 Mrs. Angel David, Second Secretary (Income Tax Policy) IR Policy  0322-5130127
108 Mr. Riaz Hussain Secretary (Law & Procedure) Custom Policy Wing 0333-4461451
109 Mr. Asad Bilal Secretary Revenue Budget IR Operations  0333-9265052
57 Director Municipal Administration Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad DMA Office, Fire Headquarter Building, G 7/1 Islamabad 110 Mr. Asif Ali Khan Deputy Director DMA, MCI 0300-5266232
58 Chairman Pakistan Engineering Council East, 46 Ataturk Ave, G-5/2 Islamabad. 111 Engr. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed Sheikh Assitional Registrar / Head of Registration Department (Engineers) 0300-5557859
112 Engr. Isaf Mahmood Malik Sr. Deputy Registrar, EAD / Director  HR 0333-4979005
113 Engr. Dr. Shah Jahan Khattak, Deputy Registrar, MTLA 0332-9000266
59 Secretary Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Koshar Block, Islamabad 114 Mr. Asif Riaz, Section Officer 051-9212519 0300-3117885
60 Director General, Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) Ministry of Science & Technology Ground Floor، 1-C Constitution Ave, G-5/2 Islamabad. 115 Mr. Azhar Iqbal, Director (Technical -IL) 051-9209507 0333-4174785
116 Mr. Nisar Ali Khan Deputy Director (ECL) 051-9214059 0336-9173534
61 Managing Director, Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited, Gas House, 21-Kashmir Road, P.O Box No. 56 Lahore 117 Mr. Imran Asif, Chief Officer Business Development (Corporate) 0333-6381060
118 Mr. Yousaf Haroon Chief Officer (Organisation Development) 0333-4846828
62 Chairman, Central Power Purchasing Agency, Shaheen Plaza, 73-West, Fazl-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad. 119 Syed Haroon Masood, Techno Commercial Consultant  0344-7744777
120 Mr. Bilal Manzoor, Consultant Business Process Re-Engineering  0300-5349404
121 Mr. Abrar Hussain, Dy. Manager (MOD) 0308-4141329
63 Director General National Plant Protection Organization, Jinnah Avenue, Malir Halt, Karachi 122 Sayed Muzammil Hussain Entomologist 92 300 0928803 pathologist49@g
123 Ms. Huma Nazir Kiyani Entomologist 92 336 5454716  
64 Executive Director Frequency Allocation Board Plot No. 112, Sector H-10/4, Islamabad 124 Mr. Farooq Alam Khan, Director General (SP&M) 
125 Lt. Col. Nisar Ul Haq Director (Mon / North)
126 Mr. Zial Ali Director (Finance & Accounts)
127 Mr. Adnan Assistant Director (Law) 0334-5608668
65 Chief Executive Officer Engineering Development Board EDB Complex Building, 5A Constitution Ave, Islamabad 128 Mr. Muhammad Shahzad Dy. General Manager (HR&DS) 0336-0973022
129 Mr. Usman Ali Manager (Policy) 0321-2888354
66 Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Islamabad 130 Syeda Addila Rubbab Kazmi Deputy Director Audit Bureau of Circulation  0343-5789577
131 Hafiz Haseeb Ahsan Assistant Director Audit Bureau of Circulation  0331-5119083
67 Director General National Information Technology Board Street 6, Sector H 9/1, Islamabad 132 Mr. Imran Maqsood Director (C&A) - MP-III 0334-5729959
133 Mr. Ahtisham Masood Director (Infra & CS) MP-III 0333-5655561
134 Mr. Akhtisar Ali Joint Director  0333-5130714
68 Secretary, Ministry of Railways Islamabad. 135 Syed Imtiaz Hussain Farooq Director / Ops 5th Floor, Block D, Pak Secretariat, Ministry of Railways  0322-3374678
136 Mr. Junaid Saleem Malik, Director / M&S 3rd Floor, Block D, Pak Secretariat, Ministry of Railways  0332-4776613
69 Secretary, Ministry of Interior Islamabad. 137 Syed Abdul Manan Deputy Secretary (Organisation) 051-9203851

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