Time Duration for grant of Approval of Permissible Use of Property Reduced to 30 Working Days

Reform ID P030
 Reform Description  Timeline for Approval of Permissible Use of Property Specified

Before: Businesses were facing delays in getting  approval for use of land under permissible use category as it used to take longer time than necessary.

After: An efficient timeline has been decided within which the process should be completed.

Sector  All Sectors (Construction)
Beneficiaries All Businesses
Jurisdiction/Location  Punjab
Department  Services & General Administration Department, Punjab
Date of Implementation  28-07-2021
Details Difficulty ●      For the SMEs and construction firms, the use of residential, commercial and industrial buildings for permissible purposes had to be approved by the development authority.

●      This caused delays in operations for these businesses resulting in operation disruption and extra cost

Analysis ●      It was deemed necessary to fix a time limit within which the approval process shall be completed.
Solution  ●      To facilitate the businesses, a timeline of 30 working days has been fixed within which all processes which go into granting an approval for using property for permissible purposes must be completed.

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