Introduction of Automated Case Management System for Courts   

Reform ID   K106
Ticker  Automated Case Management System introduced for the Courts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 
Reform Description  Before: There was no efficient system of case and time management for judges and lawyers to track progress of cases. Resultantly cases were often adjourned and businesses faced delays in resolution.  

After: Automated Case Management System enabled courts to keep track of the pending cases from filing to disposition in a coordinated and timely manner. 

Sector  All Sectors 
Beneficiaries  All Businesses 
Jurisdiction/ Location  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 
Department  Provincial Judiciary 
Date of Implementation  Last 03 Months  
Details  Difficulty  Keeping track of court cases is a tedious process which compromises the timely disposal of cases and as a consequence delayed dispensation of justice. It further reduces the efficiency of already burdened judicial system. 
Analysis  There was a need to introduce a system to bring efficiency in the case administration which may track the new cases, pending and disposed cases. 
Solution  Case Flow Management System (CFMS) has been introduced to keep track of the court cases and it will facilitate lawyers and judges to schedule hearings, and delays/ adjournments will be minimized.  

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