Timeline Prescribed for Issuance & Renewal of Drug License
Reform ID A146
Reform Description Before: Businesses were facing difficulty getting drug licenses as pharmacies and drug stores had to obtain drug licenses from drug regulatory authorities which was time consuming.

After: The licensing process has been made time bound to ensure timely issuance of drug license i.e. within 45 days.

Sector Pharmaceutical and Health Care
Beneficiaries Medical Stores and Pharmacies
Jurisdiction/ Location Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK)
Department Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir Health Secretariat
Date of Implementation 16-11-2021
Details Difficulty The issuance of drug licenses by provincial drug regulators took a lot of time which was undesirable. The businesses in the pharmaceutical and health care sector wanted a robust process which facilitates them in the issuance of the licenses.
Analysis During interaction with the stakeholders, it was felt that the drug license issuance process is tedious and should be reorganised.
Solution After reviewing the process, the AJK Government has now prescribed time limits for issuance of drug licenses i.e., within 45 days.

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