A timeline set for de-registration of business if taxpayer has fulfilled obligations
Reform ID F120
Reform Description Before: Businesses which have been winded up due to any reason were used to submit an application for de-registration and then had to wait for a long period of time; meanwhile the case gets audited.

After:A timeline has been set by which the concerned department has to complete the tasks, on the expiry of the 90 days, the business is deemed to be de-registered.

Sector All Sectors
BeneficiariesAutomotive Owners  All Businesses
Jurisdiction/ Location Federal (Entire Pakistan)
Department Federal Board of Revenue
Date of Implementation 13-01-2022
Details Difficulty No set timeline resulted in longer periods of time for the tax payers to wait for de-registeration even though their business had been winded-up.
Analysis To save time and hassle for the tax payers, a prescribed timeline was necessary.
Solution Under the newly devised system, a  business gets automatically de-register on expiry of ninety days if the business has already been winded-up.
Evidence Notification

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