Unnecessary qualifications and experience requirements for technical persons for medical devices industry-Eliminated.
Reform ID F122
Reform Description Before: The required qualification for hiring a technical person was to be either a “Bio Medical Engineer” or “Biotechnologist” or “Microbiologist”. These qualifications were not relevant to this sector, instead were required at the manufacturing side.

After: A technical employee with relevant experience is now eligible and can be hired for supervision or as in-charge of quality control for medical devices industry.

Sector Healthcare
BeneficiariesAutomotive Owners  Healthcare/Pharmaceutical
Jurisdiction/ Location Federal (Entire Pakistan)
Department Ministry of National Health Services Regulation and Coordination (MoNHSR&C) / Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP)
Date of Implementation 22-11-2021
Details Difficulty Hiring a technical person earlier used to require a highly qualified individual. The qualifications were termed to be extra in terms of the work which they were designated to perform.
Analysis Hiring of overqualified individual for a position where their expertise were not as much required brought in hassle in time and cost of hiring.
Solution The eligibility criteria to hire a technical person was shifted to being a science graduate with an experience of 3-5 years – in comparison to hiring a microbiologist and a medical engineer.

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