Need for testing of products already registered by Stringent Regulatory Authorities’ (SRAs) eliminated
Reform ID F125
Reform Description Before: Products which had already been cleared by international Stringent Regulatory Authorities as per certified standards had to undergo registration and quality check while entering Pakistan – this had requirement added-up to cost and time for businesses.

After: PSQCA has allowed the entrance/import of products which had already been approved by international SRA’s according to stringent standards.

Sector All sectors
BeneficiariesAutomotive Owners  All business
Jurisdiction/ Location Federal (Entire Pakistan)
Department Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST)

Pakistan Standard Quality Control Agency (PSQCA)

Date of Implementation 16-11-2021
Details Difficulty A number of products which are required to be registered with Pakistan’s regulatory agencies are coming from developed countries with stringent standards and after due certification/registration. The regulatory authorities in Pakistan disregard such certification and insist upon local testing, processing and registration.
Analysis The whole process adds in a lot of cost and consequently adds in the time effectiveness as well.
Solution Products which are already approved with due certification through stringent standards (such as standards approved by WHO) should be approved for use in Pakistan without the requirement for testing and on presentation of the necessary documents- certificate of conformance, pre-shipment Inspection report, and report from manufacturing unit with accredited laboratory services.

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