Redundant procedure of obtaining similar information in case of work visa for expatriate eliminated
Reform ID F126
Reform Description Before: For a foreign employee working in Pakistan, obtaining a work visa was a very cumbersome procedure which involved duplications of seeking similar information and redundant steps. Individuals had to apply separately with Ministry of Interior and Board of Investment, and also make separate payments.

After: To eliminate the duplication, the existing framework for issuance of work visa has been integrated with Pakistan Online Visa System (POVS). Now, an applicant can simply apply online for work visa and make online fee payment.

Sector All sectors
BeneficiariesAutomotive Owners  All business – Expatriate Employees
Jurisdiction/ Location Federal (Entire Pakistan)
Department Ministry of Interior, National Database & Registration Authority, and Board of Investment
Date of Implementation 01-10-2022
Details Difficulty To obtain a work visa, expatriate employees had to first apply for and obtain recommendation letter (for work visa and its extension/ renewal) from Board of Investment before applying separately for getting work visa by submitting application with Ministry of Interior. These standalone processes involved  manual processing and separate fee payments.
Analysis The process of obtaining recommendation letter and work visa involved manual processing and duplication of information which expatriate employees had to submit along with separate fee payments. This caused hassle for employees seeking work visa, its renewal or extension.
Solution Ministry of interior in partnership with National Database & Registration Authority has developed online visa issuance portal “Pakistan Online Visa System (POVS)” where applicants can apply online for grant of different categories of visas with online fee payment system. Now, using the POVS, expatriate can simultaneously apply for recommendation letter and work visa at the POVS portal including submission of online fee payment.

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