Authority of Inspectors to Penalize on Minor Issues, i.e. Requirements of Specific Grade of Whitewash etc. has been Abolished
Reform ID G145
Reform Description Before: Pre-Partition Factories Act prescribed minute details like placement of spittoons and using specific grade chalk for for whitewash. Inspectors used to penalize businesses for small violations.

After: Businesses have been permitted to make hygiene related measures as per best practices. Now, the requirements of a specific grade of whitewash have been abolished.

Sector Manufacturing Sector
Beneficiaries  All businesses
Jurisdiction/ Location Gilgit Baltistan
Department Secretariat of Industries, Labour and Commerce Gilgit – Baltistan
Date of Implementation 13-02-2023
Details Difficulty With factories now moving towards modernized work environment, some requirements under the relevant Factories Act are redundant or no longer necessary. One such requirement is specification of whitewashing grades etc. This is a nuisance as it contradicts the modern practices they have introduced in the factory.
Analysis The law needs to be made more flexible. Inspectors should not call out factory management for not using a specific grade of whitewashing, as it is unnecessary.
Solution Requirements of whitewashing is no longer mandatory and a factory cannot be penalized during inspections.

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