Harmonizing and adoption of food standards as per the new standards notified by the PSQCA.
Reform ID S142
Reform Description Before: Without the adoption of harmonized food standards the food processing businesses have to meet the varying compliance requirements of different provinces.

After: Now the provinces have adopted the same harmonized food standards as introduced by PSQCA and a food processing business operating in one corner of the country can shelf its product anywhere in Pakistan.

Sector Food Processing
BeneficiariesAutomotive Owners  All Food Processing Businesses
Jurisdiction/ Location Sindh
Department Government of Sindh Food Department
Date of Implementation 18-01-2022
Details Difficulty Without the harmonized food standards all food processors and manufacturers had to comply with the varying provincial food standards which resulted in added time and cost due to the compliance requirements. Besides, food manufacturers had to meet the different food testing criteria which was put in place by the provincial food regulatory authority.
Analysis It was felt that there is a dire need for adopting the harmonized food standards by all the provinces to facilitate the food manufacturers and to ensure the provision of food products throughout the country.
Solution Accordingly, the Sindh provincial food authority was asked to adopt the harmonized food standards which were developed by PSQCA. Now, all of the provinces have adopted the same food standards and food processing businesses operating in one province can shelf their products throughout the country without incurring any additional food standards compliance cost.
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