Requirement for White Washing of all surfaces in Factories Abolished in Sindh
Reform ID S148
Reform Description Before: Factories Act prescribed minute details like grading of whitewash and ensuring all surfaces are white washed. Inspectors used to penalize businesses for even minor violations like whitewashing of factory premises.

After:  Now the businesses have been permitted not to compulsorily white wash the surface if it is made of the material which cannot be painted, varnished or whitewashed including marble tiles or similar material.

Sector All sectors
Beneficiaries All Businesses
Jurisdiction/ Location Sindh
Department Labour Department Sindh
Date of Implementation 7-3-2023
Details Difficulty Some requirements under the relevant Factories Act are redundant or no longer necessary. One such requirement is getting all surfaces whitewashed with a specific grade of whitewash.
Analysis It was analyzed that the requirement of whitewash is outdated and is not aligned with the new construction using tiles and other such materials and international best practices to maintain hygiene, therefore, this requirement should be abolished.
Solution Accordingly, the Labour Department Sindh issued an order stopping the inspectors of factories from conducting such low-risk inspections by omitting instructions in Sindh Factories act 2015. Sindh Act No. (XIII) of 2016 under section 15 (1) D and E.

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