Timeline Introduced for Registration of Factories
Reform ID S149
Reform Description Before: For new businesses, the registration process was cumbersome as there was no time frame for the registration of the factories.

After: The factory registration process has been made timebound within Fourteen (14) days, and the registration process has become efficient.

Sector Manufacturing Sector
Beneficiaries All Businesses
Jurisdiction/ Location Sindh
Department Labour Department Sindh
Date of Implementation 7-3-2023
Details Difficulty To register a factory, the process involved sending in all relevant documents and waiting for an uncertain/varying number of days before approval was eventually granted, as there was no prescribed timeframe for the registration of the factories in the Factories Act, 1934.
This anomaly meant that despite submitting complete and verified documents, the process of approval would take more time than necessary, causing unwarranted delays in registration of factories with the concerned labour authorities.
Analysis After consultations with relevant parties, it was decided to ascribe an exact number of days within which the factory registration process should be completed.
Solution To ensure timely registration of factories, a 14 day timeline has been prescribed

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