Automation of Drug License Process by Government of Balochistan 

Reform ID  B086 
Reform Description  Before: Drug Sale license were issued by using traditional manual system which was burdensome because of increased cost and compliance hassle.  


After: Drug Sale Licenses can be obtained by applying on newly developed online portal; 


Sector  Pharmaceutical and Healthcare 
Beneficiaries  All Medical Stores / Pharmacies  
Jurisdiction/ Location  Balochistan 
Department  Provincial Health Directorate, Balochistan 
Date of Implementation   
Timeline  Last 03 Months  
Details  Difficulty  The issuance of Drug Sale License by the Health Directorate of Balochistan was running on the traditional manual system. The owners of pharmacies and medical stores have to visit the directorate office in person to apply and get the drug sale license issued. This system was inefficient in terms of time and cost.  
Analysis  It was felt that for the issuance and renewal of Drug Sale Licenses an automated online system should be introduced to lessen the cost and compliance hassle on the small healthcare businesses like medical stores and pharmacies. 
Solution  Health Directorate in line with the reforms proposal has launched a dedicated online “Drugs Sale License Management System” which can be accessed at:  

Evidence  Drugs Sale License Management System  

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