Elimination of generation License by NEPRA for net-metering through Solar/Wind Power Generation up to 25 kW 
Reform ID   F083
Ticker  Elimination of Generation License for net-metering through Solar/Wind Generation up to 25 kW system by NEPRA 
Reform Description  Before:   All Consumers intending to connect with national grid through net-metering had to obtain generation license from NEPRA. 


After:   Now the small consumers and SMEs can avail facility of net-metering and connect their solar or wind power generation up to 25 kilowatt without requiring to obtain a license from NEPRA.  

Sector   Energy sector 
Beneficiaries  Domestic Consumers and SMEs 
Jurisdiction/ Location  Federal (Entire Pakistan) 
Department  National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), Ministry of Energy (MoE) 
Date of Implementation  09-11-2021 
Timeline  Last 03 Months 
Details  Difficulty  All consumers with distribution generation facility using solar or wind power generation were required to obtain power generation license from NEPRA for installation of such system.  
Analysis  It was felt that the requirement of obtaining a license from NEPRA for installation of small distribution generation facilities is over regulation and shall be eliminated. It also added to the cost as NEPRA charged Rs. 1000 per kW from each applicant. Besides, manual license issuing process by NEPRA also caused delay in making net-metering system functional. Therefore, this requirement shall be abolished.  
Solution  Ministry of Energy after consultation with NEPRA has eliminated the requirement of generation license for distribution generation facility using solar or wind power generation up to 25 kW, connected with the network of a distributed licensee through net metering facility.  
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