Introduce Simplified Regulatory Framework for Small and Medium Installations of Solar Panels

Reform ID F011
Reform Description Requirements for Certification of Solar System Installers Simplified

Before: Earlier, small solar businesses could install solar systems of a limited capacity as AEDB had strict criteria for certification.

After: With revised criteria, now small and medium size businesses may install systems with higher capacities which earlier were out of their scope ( C-1 “above 500 kw”; C-2 “upto 500 kw”; and C-3 upto 250 kw”).

Sector Energy (Solar)
Beneficiaries Solar Equipment Manufacturers/ Importers/ Distributors/Businesses
Jurisdiction/Location Federal (Entire Pakistan)
Department Alternative Engineering Development Board (AEDB)
Date of Implementation 30-08-2021
Details  Difficulty ●      Previously, the businesses working in Solar Equipment import, installation etc. could undertake their businesses under three different categories (C1, C2 and C3). These categories put a cap on the installed capacity of solar connections.

●      With the increased consumption of the energy by SMEs units, it was felt necessary to revise the categories to allow the businesses to achieve an optimal level.

 Analysis ●      Based on the request of the private sector, BoI, after having consultation with relevant businesses, assessed that request was justified and approached AEDB to review the current capacity and eligibility criteria.
Solution ●      AEDB notified the revised categories which increased the existing capacity of C-1 category to, “above 500 kw”; C-2 category to,  “upto 500 kw”; and C-3 category to, “upto 250 kw”.

●      The revision will benefit the expansion of SME business and will also  cater to the growing consumer demand for solar installations.

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