Remove Requirement of Installation of Normal Electric Meter before Provision of Green Meter for Net Metering Facility

Reform ID F006
Reform Description Condition of 3-Phase Meter removed for Net-Metering Connection

Before: To avail the facility of net-metering, consumers were required to first obtain a normal 3-phase meter before getting a bi-directional (green) meter, causing delay and extra cost.

After: Now, direct installation of bi-directional meter is allowed which saves time and Rs. 15,000 for each consumer.

Sector Energy (Solar)
Beneficiaries Domestic Consumers and Businesses
Jurisdiction/Location Federal (Entire Pakistan)
Department National Electricity & Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA)
Date of Implementation 15-01-2021


● Consumers (whether individuals or businesses) had to obtain license from NEPRA for installation of net-metering facility

● The consumers had to bear extra cost due to multiple steps involved for obtaining bi-directional (green) meter, as under:

○  Obtain a single phase/ normal connection

○  Upgrade the single phase to three phase connection

○  Obtain a green meter for net-metering



●  The single-phase meter was installed as a temporary connection during the construction of premises.

●  There was no justification of obtaining a three phase normal connection, which was a burden for consumers.

 Solution ●   On recommendation of BOI, NEPRA has directed all DISCOs to eliminate the condition of installation of three-phase meter and now net metering facility can be obtained without subscribing to a three phase meter.

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