Overdue Royalty Charges Can now be Paid in Installments

Reform ID B032
 Reform Description  Overdue Royalty Charges Can be Paid in Installments

Before: Businesses of the mining sector in Balochistan were facing difficulty as  if a mining lessee failed to pay for the royalty within time, his lease was cancelled.

After: Now after this reform, an option to pay overdue royalty in 4 equal quarterly installments has been provided in law.

Sector  Mines and Minerals Sector
Beneficiaries Businesses in Mines and Minerals Sector
Jurisdiction/Location  Balochistan
Department  Mines and Minerals Development Department, Balochistan.
Date of Implementation  **-07-2021
Details Difficulty ●      In unforeseen circumstances where mining lessees were not in a position to pay royalty and payments were delayed, the lease was cancelled without providing an option to pay in installments.
Analysis ●      It was observed that a system that allows overdues to be paid in installments should be created.
Solution  ●      Mining lease holders who were unable to clear their royalty payments due to any reason have now been provided an option to pay overdue royalty in 4 equal quarterly installments.

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