Integration of Animal Quarantine, Plant Protection and Seed Certification Departments in Web Based One Customs (WeBOC) Software for Efficient Trade

Reform ID E037
 Reform Description  More Departments Integrated for Reduction in Time and Transparency in Trade

Before: There was no integration of Animal Quarantine Dep, Plant Protection Department and Seed Certification Departments with the WeBOC system, resulting in more time and cost for documentary and border compliance in trade.

After: Integration with WeBOC Reduced a lot of hassle, time and cost for getting clearance from these departments for clearance.

Sector Agriculture, Livestock and Food
Beneficiaries Traders of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Sectors.
Jurisdiction/Location  All over Pakistan
Department  FBR, Animal Quarantine Department, Plant Protection Department and Seed Certification Department.
Date of Implementation  26-03-2018
Details Difficulty ●  Traders had to get NOCs from other departments separately, the process was consuming time and cost for the traders.
Analysis ●  The reform was part of EoDB reform Strategy (2019-2021), the strategy was formulated by BoI in consultation with World Bank Group (WBG) and relevant agencies to eliminate the hiccups in the way of EoDB.
Solution  ● Integration of departments with WeBOC  facilitated efficient trade. This reform resulted in business facilitation and improvement of ranking in Doing Business Report 2020.


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