Registration Fee of Labour Department Abolished

Reform ID K053


Reform Description 

Registration Fee Being Charged by Labour Department has been Removed

Before: The labour department charged a certain registration fee to register a business.

After: Now, businesses can register themselves with the concerned labour department without paying any fee.

Sector  All
Beneficiaries All Businesses (Manufacturing, Services etc.)
Jurisdiction/Location  KP
Department  Labour Department
Date of Implementation  11-06-2021 (Balochistan)

Sindh and Punjab (Already Existed)



Difficulty ●      Every establishment, and factory was required to register itself with the concerned labour department.

●      This registration was done after the payment of a stipulated fee which was a financial burden on small businesses.



●      It was felt that the registration fee charged by the Labour Department was unwarranted and discouraged the businesses from registering.


●      The registration fee charged by the labour department has been waived off.
Ticker  Labour Departments have Abolished Registration Fee

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