Enhanced Provision of Banking Relationships & Digital Banking Channels 

Reform ID   F073

Reform Description 

Before: There were restrictive arrangements for cloud outsourcing arrangement for banking sector.  

After: Enhanced banking relationships with digital banking options to cater to the requirements of IT & ITeS and other sectors. 

Sector   IT & ITeS 
Beneficiaries  Banking channel users, Banking and Financial Services Businesses 
Jurisdiction/Location   Federal (Entire Pakistan) 
Department  SBP 
Date of Implementation   28-09-2020 
Timeline  Last 01 Year  





  • SBP has taken a number of measures to promote digitization in the banking industry, however, there was room to expand the horizon of the digital banking services for the benefit of the public at large.  
  • It was felt that there is room to introduce new digital banking options to facilitate the businesses.  
  • Established / enhanced banking relationships with digital banking options to cater to the requirements of IT &ITeS and other sectors 
  • SBP Authorized Financial Institution to offer digital banking channel including USSD channel for digital onboarding and digital financial transaction under branchless banking channel 
  • SBP Launched Roshan Digital Account for Digital Onboarding of customers. As of September 2021, total 248,723 accounts opened with a total inflow of USD 2,411 million.  
  • SBP has issued Regulations for Digital On-Boarding of Merchants, enabling Banks/MFBs to digitally onboard a large segment of retail merchants and allows them to accept their payments digitally 
  • SBP has recently launched Customers’ Digital Onboarding Framework, aiming to digitize the overall individual customers’ onboarding process. This framework facilitates banks and Microfinance Banks (MFBs) to conveniently and remotely open bank accounts of resident Pakistani individuals by using digital channels including websites/portal, mobile applications, digital kiosks etc.  


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