Repealing of SRO for fixation of Minimum Export Price for Surgical Instruments 

Reform ID  F097 
Reform Description  Before: The manufacturers of surgical items could not export goods below the price fixed by the Ministry of Commerce even if it was financially feasible.  

After: This restriction has been eliminated and exporters of surgical instruments can sell goods in accordance with market conditions. 

Sector  Manufacturing (Surgical) 
Beneficiaries  Export Oriented Businesses (Surgical Sector) 
Jurisdiction/ Location  Federal 
Department  Ministry of Commerce  
Date of Implementation  30-09-2021 
Timeline  Last three Months 
Details  Difficulty  The Ministry of Commerce in Export Policy Order 2020, vide SRO 901 (I)/2020 had fixed minimum export price of different surgical instruments. Surgical instrument manufacturers and exporters could not export the single use surgical instruments having lesser cost because of this condition. Compliance to the said order lead to losing of competitive edge in the market. 
Analysis  It was observed that due to the changing nature of market dynamics, this condition was causing difficulties for exporters particularly in case of export of single use surgical instruments which are in greater demand in wake of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Accordingly, it was proposed that the condition of setting minimum price for export of surgical instruments may be withdrawn to make businesses more competitive. 

Solution  In line with the reform proposal, the Ministry of Commerce vide S.R.O. 1275 (I)/2021 dated 30-09-2021 has revoked the condition of minimum export price of surgical instruments in Export Policy Order 2020 (Paragraph-14). 
Evidence  Notification  

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