Elimination of duplicate processing by MoCC and provincial EPAs for import of recyclable plastics (waste materials) 

Portal ID  F111 
Ticker  Multiplicity of inspections for allowing Import of Recyclable Plastic Waste eliminated 
Reform Description  Before: Earlier, both Provincial Environmental Protection Authorities and Ministry of Climate Change-MoCC used to inspect the premises of importer to allow import of the plastic waste.  


After:  Ministry of Climate Change has abandoned the joint site inspection visit and now only provincial EPA will be the competent authority to undertake the site inspection and recommend the import of the plastic waste which will be allowed by MoCC.  

Sector  Circular Economy/ Plastic Recycling  
Beneficiaries  All Plastic Waste Importers   
Jurisdiction/ Location  Federal (Entire Pakistan) 
Department  Ministry of Climate Change, Environmental Protection Authority(ies) 
Date of Implementation  06-12-2021 
Details  Difficulty  The import of plastic waste for recycling purpose was allowed, however, the processing of the import and subsequent grant was carried out by both the federal and provincial Environmental Protection Authorities which a case for duplication of the processing efforts.  
Analysis  It was realized that this duplication of processing efforts should be removed and Ministry of Climate Change acted accordingly.  
Solution  Ministry of Climate Change has dropped the joint inspection mechanism which was adopted under the previous SOPs. Now, provincial EPAs has been authorized to undertake the site inspection and process the import of plastic waste.  
Evidence  https://business.gov.pk/elimination-of-duplicate-processing-by-mocc-and-provincial-epas-for-import-of-recyclable-plastics-waste-materials/

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