Requirement for NOC from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Buildings of Non-Hazardous Category Eliminated

Reform ID B052
 Reform Description NOC Requirement from EPA for Low-Risk Buildings Removed  

Before: Businesses were bound to get an NOC from EPA for construction of buildings regardless of their risk category. This was causing delay and adding cost to low risk small businesses.

After: Now, the NOC requirement has been removed for low risk buildings.

Sector All Sectors
Beneficiaries All Businesses
Jurisdiction/Location Balochistan
Department  Balochistan Environmental Protection Agency
Date of Implementation  06-07-2021
Details Difficulty ●      NOC from the EPA was required for construction of all buildings regardless of whether business posed a hazard to the environment or not.

●      This meant that even businesses like wedding halls, warehouses (storing non-hazardous material), educational institutions etc. were required to obtain EPA’s NOC, causing delay and adding burden in terms of cost and time.

Analysis ●      After consultation with relevant stakeholders, it was observed that imposition of this regulation for the non-hazardous category seems unnecessary and creates a burden on SMEs.
Solution  ●      To facilitate small construction and manufacturing businesses, the requirement of NOC has been eliminated for non-hazardous categories.

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