Elimination of requirement of fresh NOC from Ministry of Interior (MoI) in case a foreign individual is reappointed as Director in the same company or any other company and fixation of timelines for NOC for new Foreign Directors in local company 
Reform ID  F085 
Reform Description  Before: For reappointment or appointment of a foreign director in another company, fresh NOC from MoI was required which took a lot of time. 

After: The requirement of fresh NOC from MoI for incumbent Foreign Director of a company has been eliminated. 

Sector  All Sectors 
Beneficiaries  All Companies having Foreign Directors 
Jurisdiction/ Location  Federal (All Pakistan) 
Department  Ministry of Interior,  

Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan  

Date of Implementation  02-11-2021 
Timeline  Last 03 Months 
Details  Difficulty  As per SOPs of Ministry of Interior, foreign director of a company registered with SECP was required to obtain NOC from MoI afresh in case of his/her reappointment as foreign director in the same company or appointment as foreign director in any other company. 
Analysis  It was realized that the requirement of getting fresh NOC of MoI for reappointment or new appointment as a member/director of a company is an added burden which may be removed to create ease for foreign nationals working in Pakistan.   
Solution  Ministry of Interior has eliminated the requirement of fresh NOC for foreign individuals reappointed as director in the same company or appointed in any other company.  
Evidence  Letter by BOI to SECP as Evidence  

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