Online Single Window Facility introduced by SBCA for Construction Permits

Reform ID S041
Reform Description SBCA and LDA have Introduced an Online Single Window Facility for Issuing Construction Permits. Moreover, the Requirement of PT-1 Forms has also been Eliminated by KWSB and WASA

Before: Obtaining Construction Permits was a manual and cumbersome task.

After: The process of Construction Permits has been simplified by automation and integration of different agencies, reducing time taken to obtain them.

Sector Construction
Beneficiaries Businesses and Individuals in Construction Sector
Jurisdiction/Location  Sindh
Department  SBCA
Date of Implementation  03-07-2018


Difficulty ● Construction sector businesses had to get NOCs from all relevant agencies separately through a manual process. Much time and numerous procedures were involved in getting building permit.
Analysis ●Keeping in view international best practices, BoI in consultation with World Bank Group (WBG) and relevant agencies in Karachi proposed an online single window for getting construction permits in EoDB strategy (2019-2021).



● A single window to obtain Construction Permits has been established. It has substantially reduced number of procedures and time in involved in issuance of construction permits in Sindh.

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