Online Registration of Food Products through One-Stop Shop

Reform ID K057
Reform Description  Food Products Registration Process Automated

Before: Product registrations with food authorities was manual, which was very cumbersome process involving extra time and cost.

After: Now online facility has been launched for registration of food products

Sector  Food Processing
Beneficiaries All Businesses Operating in Food Sector
Jurisdiction/Location  KP
Department   Balochistan Food Authority
Date of Implementation  30-05-2021 (Proposed)
Details Difficulty ●      To ensure compliance with standards, businesses had to register their food products with respective Food Departments

●      The registration process was manual and time consuming



●      To enhance service delivery and bring ease to businesses, automation was the solution
Solution  ●      Food authorities in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan have developed online portals for food product registration.

●      Businesses can now register their products without approaching departments

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