Online Application Filing, Processing and Registration System Started by Registrar of Firms in All Provinces

Reform ID K056
Reform Description  Online Registration of the Firms with Registrar Introduced

Before: Firms were using the traditional manual system for registration with the Registrar of Firms, which was time consuming and adding cost. 

After: Now firms can register themselves with the Registrar of Firms with less time and cost through the newly developed online system.

Sector  All Sectors
Beneficiaries All Businesses
Jurisdiction/Location  KP
Department  Office of the Provincial Registrar, Joint Stock Companies & Societies, KP
Date of Implementation  6-5-2021
Details Difficulty  The registration of firms was done through the traditional manual system which was time consuming and inefficient.
Analysis  Businesses were complaining that the existing system of registration was cumbersome, causing additional time and cost. There was a dire need to automate the same for enhancing its efficiency.
Solution   After the automation of the registration process, the businesses/firms can now register themselves through the business registration portal without being required to travel to main cities. This resulted in saving time, cost and hassle on the part of the businesses.

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