Multiple Inspections by Building Control Authorities for Low Risk (Category 1) Buildings Eliminated

Reform ID K013
Reform Description  No. of Inspections for Low Risk Buildings have been reduced

Before: Businesses were required to undergo a number of inspections for getting construction permits which was causing delay and hassle for SMEs.

After: After reform there are only 02 Inspections for low risk buildings; one before starting and other on completion.

Sector  All Sectors
Beneficiaries All Businesses
Jurisdiction/Location  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Department Development Authorities, Building Control Authorities, Tehsil Municipal Authorities and Housing and Town Planning Agencies of KP
Date of Implementation  16-06-2021
Details Difficulty ●      Inspections were conducted at various stages of construction (before construction, different plinth levels, on completion) by the Tehsil Municipal Administration, Urban Area Development Authorities, or Building Control Authorities.

●      This inspection regime was burdensome for small and medium businesses.

Analysis ●      It was deliberated that for low risk (Category-1) buildings (low cost single floor or two story buildings having an area less than 1000 sq ft) the number of inspections needed to be reduced.


●      For low risk buildings the requirement for multiple inspections has been eliminated. Now, only two inspections will be held.

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