Revamping the Inspection Regime of PSQCA (Eliminating Unnecessary Inspections)

Reform ID F008
Reform Description PSQCA has Reduced Annual Inspections Meant for Standards Compliance

Before: Each year PSQCA used to conduct four inspections to test products, which was costly and a burden on businesses.

After: Now, there would be only two annual inspections resulting in reduced testing and costs.

Sector Manufacturing (Construction, Food Products, Light Engineering, Automobile, Vegetable Oil Products)
Beneficiaries 2500 Certification Mark License holder businesses
Jurisdiction/Location Federal (Entire Pakistan)
Department Pakistan Standard & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA)
Date of Implementation 14-06-2021













● PSQCA was conducting 04 inspections annually to ensure compliance with the PSQCA standards by the businesses. Samples were taken on each visit and businesses had to bear the cost of the sample testing as well as the inspectors’ visit.


● BoI, after deliberation with the stakeholders, found that the process of multiple inspections and associated costs were an additional burden which needed to be reduced.


● After detailed consultation with the stakeholders, PSQCA has revisited the inspection process and reduced it to just 02 inspections annually.

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