Registration fee of Labour department has been abolished by Punjab

Reform ID P064
Reform Description  All Businesses are Required to Register Themselves with Respective Labor Departments

Before: The process of labor registration, particularly processing of, the process of registration was taking around 7 days and payment of fee was also a burden for small businesses. Payment of fee took 4-5 days.

After: Waiver of registration fee has now made it easy for Companies to register online in one day thus save cost and time of business.

Sector All Sectors
Beneficiaries All Businesses
Jurisdiction/Location  Punjab
Department  Labour & Human Resource Department of Punjab
Date of Implementation  28-04-2020
Details Difficulty ●      Registration with Labour department was manual and time consuming. It took 4-5 days only for submission of requisite fee.


●      After analysis, it was proposed to Labour Department that the registration may be made online and the nominal fee of Rs. 1000 may be abolished to reduce cost and time involved in registration.
Solution  ●      The Labour and Human Resource Department of Punjab has abolished the fee and the registration process has been mad eonline and swift


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