Risk Based Inspections, through Amendment in Shops and Establishments Ordinance, 1969 

Reform ID  B090 
Reform Description  Before: Labour departments used to inspect all businesses on frequent basis even inspected those businesses where no risk of safety and security is involved 

After: Now for compliant and low risk businesses, no. of inspections has been decreased. Un-necessary inspections have been eliminated. 

Sector  All sectors 
Beneficiaries  All Businesses 
Jurisdiction/ Location  Balochistan 
Department  Labor and Manpower Department  
Date of Implementation  31-08-2021 
Timeline  Last 03 Months  
Details  Difficulty  Inspections of businesses by the labour department were conducted on uniform criteria without consideration to risk and compliance record. This meant that businesses with low and medium risk had the same no. of inspections as high-risk businesses. 
Analysis  There was a need to introduce the risk-based inspection system to reduce burden on less risky and compliant businesses. 
Solution  For the purpose of inspections based on the risk management system the establishments have been categorized into following three classes: 

1) Establishment with low risk level and better past compliance record would not be necessarily bothered by the inspector and would be inspected once a year.  

2) Establishment with medium risk level and moderate past compliance record would be inspected by the inspector not more than once in the six months’ time.  

3) Provided that in case of compliant, above-mentioned frequency of inspection shall not be applicable and inspectors can carry out inspections as and when required to ensure compliance with the law. 

Evidence  Risk based Inspection Balochistan  

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