SECP has Introduced Single Digital Registration Certification System for Registration with 06 Other Departments

Reform ID S071
 Reform Description  Single Digital Registration Certificate for 7 agencies through SECP’s e-services portal.

Before: New companies were reuired to obtain separate incorporation certificates from several agencies, causing hassle and adding to the cost and time.

After: Joint incorporation certificate by 07 agencies is issued electronically in one day, with QR code for verification.

Sector All Sectors
Beneficiaries Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Jurisdiction/Location  Sindh
Department  SESSI, Labour & Human Resource Departments and Excise & Taxation Departments of Sindh.
Date of Implementation  27-04-2021
Details Difficulty ●    Separate incorporation certificates were required to be obtained from all relevant agencies (7 agencies). The whole process took more than a week to complete.
Analysis ●    With the data exchange arrangements between SECP and 8 departments of federal and provincial governments in place, it bacame possible to issue registration certificates simultaneously.


●    After discussion between SECP and other departments an agreement was reached to issue a joint incorporation certificate, which became in April, 2021

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