Removal of duplicity in testing Lubricant Oil at import stage 

Reform ID   F105
Ticker  Single Testing of Lubricant Oil Samples by Pakistan Customs Instead of Separate Testing by PSQCA and OGRA 
Reform Description  Before: Testing of import samples from the same consignment used to be carried out by PSQCA and OGRA which was a duplication and added additional testing costs as importer had to pay for each testing by these departments.  

After: Now, instead of multiple testing, a single test of lubricant oil sample will be carried out by Pakistan Customs from an accredited laboratory and its report will subsequently be shared with PSQCA and OGRA. 

Sector  Import 
Beneficiaries  All Importers of Lubricant Oil  
Jurisdiction/ Location  Federal (Entire Pakistan) 
Department  Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), and Pakistan Customs 
Date of Implementation  16-11-2021 
Details  Difficulty  Lubricant oil Importers were bearing double cost in lubricant oil sample testing by OGRA and PSQCA separately. OGRA and PSQCA did not have their own testing laboratories and were getting tests from same lab, i.e. HDIP and businesses had to bear the cost of similar tests being done twice.  
Analysis  After deliberations with stakeholders it was realized that testing by two separate departments of the same lubricant oil samples is duplication and can be addressed by introducing a common testing practice from an accredited testing facility.  
Solution  Accordingly, it was decided to eliminate interaction with multiple departments and Pakistan Customs was mandated to draw and get samples of lubricant oil tested, test reports of which will be shared with both PSQCA and OGRA.  

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