Timeline prescribed for issuance & Renewal of Drug License

Reform ID P021
Reform Description  Issuance of Drug License in Specified Time

Before: Businesses were facing difficulty getting drug licenses as Pharmacies and drug stores had to obtain drug licenses from provincial authorities which was time consuming and uncertain.

After: Now, the licensing process has been made time bound to ensure timely issuance of drug license.

Sector  Pharmaceutical and Health Care
Beneficiaries Medical Stores and Pharmacies
Jurisdiction/Location  Punjab
Department  Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug Authority, Punjab.
Date of Implementation 
Details Difficulty ●      The issuance of drug licenses by provincial drug regulators took a lot of time which was undesirable.

●      The businesses in the pharmaceutical and health care sector wanted a robust process which facilitates them in the issuance of the licenses.

Analysis ●      In the interaction with the stakeholders involved it was felt that the drug license issuance process is tedious and should be reorganized.
Solution  ●      After reviewing the process, the Punjab Government has now prescribed time limits for issuance of drug licenses.

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