Specify Timeframe for Processing of NoCs/Permits for Low-Risk Buildings and to Permit Applicant to Start Construction if Objection/ Rejection is not Conveyed within the Timeline

Reform ID B028
Reform Description  Specific Timeframe for Processing of NoCs/Permits for Low Risk Buildings 

Before: There was no timeframe specified for approval of building plans which caused delays in building plans approvals

After: Now, with specific timelines for issuance of NoCs/Permits in place the process has become efficient.

Sector  Construction
Beneficiaries All Businesses
Jurisdiction/Location  Balochistan
Department  Balochistan Development Authority
Date of Implementation 
Details Difficulty ●      Without any timelines for issuance of NoCs/Permits required for low-risk buildings, the process was inefficient which added more cost and delayed the construction process.
Analysis ●      It was felt that there is a dire need to specify timelines for the issuance of NoCs/Permits to speed up the construction process.
Solution  ●      After the detailed deliberation it was agreed that there should be a specific time limit within which the NoCs/Permits are issued. Accordingly, the competent authority notified the revised regulations.

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