Amendments in Building by-laws in KP to Fix Specific Timeline for Approval of Maps/Layout Plans, and Quick Issuance of Construction Permits

Reform ID K018
 Reform Description  Time Bound Approval of Building Map/Layout Plans and Issuance of Construction Permit

Before: No timelines were provided in the by-laws for approval of maps/ layout plans, resulting in uncertainty and causing delays.

After: Now, the approval of map/ layouts is time bound and businesses can plan for construction with certainty

Sector  All
Beneficiaries All Businesses
Jurisdiction/Location  KP
Department  Peshawar Development Authority, KP.
Date of Implementation  06-04-2020
Details Difficulty ●      There was no timeline for the approval of Map/layout plans and construction permits due to which approvals took a long while.

●      This delay translated into additional financial cost for the businesses awaiting approval of maps/layout plans and issuance of construction permits.

Analysis ●      After Consultation with stakeholders, it was felt that there is a dire need to speed up the approval process of maps/layout plans as well as issuance of the construction permits.
Solution  ●      Swift timelines have been notified in the building by-laws to ensure the efficient and timely approval of maps/layout plans and issuance of construction permits.

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