Notify Regulatory Committee Under the Balochistan Tourist Guides Act

 Reform Description  Long awaited Tourist Guide Regulatory Committee Notified

Before: Businesses of tourism industry were unable to formally start business as committee needed under the law for promotion of tourism did not exist in Balochistan

After: A committee has been notified and will work to tap Balochistan’s tourism potential

Sector  Culture & Tourism
Beneficiaries Businesses in the tourism sector
Jurisdiction/Location  Balochistan
Department  Culture, Tourism & Archives Department, Balochistan
Date of Implementation  12-07-2021
Details Difficulty ●      To promote culture and tourism in Balochistan, the need for a committee was necessary. For 3 years, no such committee was notified, putting the situation on hold.

●      This meant that work done to promote tourism in the province was also put on hold, leaving the potential of Balochistan as a tourist destination untapped.

Analysis ●      There was a need to pursue Balochistan Govt and get the committee notified
Solution  ●      The committee has been notified and will be instrumental for promoting tourism in Balochistan.

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