Validity period of Drug Sale License increased from 2 to 5 Years 

Reform ID  S109
Ticker  Validity of Drug Sale License has been increased from 02 to 05 Years in Punjab 
Reform Description  Before: The drugs stores and pharmacies had to undergo a cumbersome process of renewal on periodic basis as drug licenses were only valid for a period of 02 years. 


After: To save drug businesses from hectic renewal process, reduce compliance burden and interaction with department, the validity of drug license has been enhanced from 2 to 5 years. 

Sector  Pharmaceutical 
Beneficiaries  All Medical Store Businesses and Pharmacists 
Jurisdiction/ Location  Sindh 
Department  Health Department Sindh, and Sindh Health Care Commission 
Date of Implementation  30-11-2021  
Details  Difficulty  Drug License issued by the health directorate was valid for two years, after which renewal was required. 

This scheme required businesses to renew their license every two years which was a very cumbersome process, involving time and financial cost. 

Analysis  To ease out the business regulatory environment the renewal requirements for businesses need to be reviewed 
Solution  Validity period of Drug License has been increased to 05 years. Now businesses can easily work without being bothered for renewal after every two years 

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