Increase in the Validity Period of Fisheries License from 1-3 years    

Reform ID  S096 
Reform Description  Before:  The validity period of fisheries license under the Fisheries Rules, 1983 was 01 financial year (July-June).  

After: Now, the validity period of fisheries license has been increased from 01 year to 03 years.  

Sector  Fisheries License Holder/Fisherman  
Beneficiaries  All Fisheries License Holders  
Jurisdiction/ Location  Sindh 
Department  Livestock and Fisheries Department, Sindh. 
Date of Implementation  12-10-2021 
Timeline  Last 03 Months 
Details  Difficulty  In Sindh, the validity period of Fisheries License was 01 financial year. This meant that a license issued in the month of May will expire in June and a fisherman has to file for renewal of the license. The short validity period meant extra compliance burden and cost for poor fishermen. 
Analysis  After discussions with stakeholders, it was realized that the validity period of fisheries license should be extended to facilitate the fishermen as it will reduce the cost and compliance hassle.  
Solution  In line with the reform proposal Livestock and Fisheries Department, Sindh has extended the validity period of fisheries license from 01 year to 03 years by amending the rule 4, sub-rule (1) of the Sindh Fisheries Rules, 1983. 
Evidence  Amendment in Sindh Fisheries Rules 1983- Notification for extension of period from 1 to 3 years 

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